2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Shahisha

    The training was informative, interactive and Mr. Chris Malanda was very knowledgeable and had a dynamic approach which kept the momentum going. He was able to capture everybody’s attention. Many of the attendees have commented on how valuable they thought the training was and how much they have learned from the 2 days training. Shahisha Ajoodha / Isando Foods / Johannesburg / February 4th, 2016.


  2. Dewald

    By the way, I do appreciate the great job you did with us! You certainly helped get us back on track, and were very professional in all of your dealings with us. No doubt, at times frustrations takeover common sense, however, when all was done, I believe with your help we got to where we wanted to go. You are a great educator, we would recommend Mr. Malanda as a trainer in any capacity for which he qualifies. Keep up the work! Dewald H / August 10th, 2017



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