About us


How we started

FoodBio Network brings you science-based food safety solutions based on latest international developments. FoodBio Network was created as a result of a growing demand food safety information within the food industry.

Our website is the basis of our company, acting as a bank of knowled for the industry and consumer alike, where they can access information and resources, advertise their services and keep up-to-date with pertinent food news. As food safety regulations continue to develop and third party food safety certification standard certification standards are mandated globally the importance of the food safety and the FoodBio Network have never been greater.  We offer a platform for sharing knowledge and information and to allow collaboration on the effective implementation, operation and continual improvement of food safety management systems. We are passionate about for food safety, so we encourage all those in the industry to build a food safety culture within their organisanisation.

We are more than just a local business – we network with fellow professionals across the world, to learn from them and to ensure that we are abreast of current food safety issues and industry trends worldwide.

Our values

FoodBio Network is strongly committed to the principles of good business ethics. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and will be maintained at all times. Every effort will be made to avoid any risk of conflict of interest between clients.

Who we are

We are dedicated and passionate about the business and we will do anything to satisfy customers, and if you have been in the local food industry for a while, chances are that you have come across them, been trained or audited by them, or read something that they have written for the food sector. They hope to inspire you to comply!

Our team is comprised of both experienced food safety professionals and experts in key sectors of the supply chain sectors. Our specialists understand the regulations and standards in this niche, and make sure you comply with relevant safety and quality requirements. We are dedicated and passionate about our business and we will do anything to satisfy our customers.

What we do

FoodBio Network provides a one-stop, food safety and quality management solution for the industry. We offer resources, access to industry news and an accessible marketing platform.

We offer consulting services, from management system implementation, training, technical advice and troubleshooting services. Our target markets are established manufacturers, producers, distributors and  businesses (food manufacturing companies & fast food outlets, packaging companies, pharmaceutical companies, animal feeds, food distribution centers, retailers and wholesalers, fresh produce, silos and farms). Our meticulous approach, attention to detail and particular attention to our clients will be our competitive advantage.

We provide premium, personalised and professional service which frankly – you will not get anywhere else.

Services Offered (Briefly)

FoodBio Network offers a wide range of consulting services, which can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Food Safety Awareness Training for Top Management;
  • Food Safety Training for technical staff at all levels:
    • R638 (South African Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises, the Transport of Food and Related Matters),
    • SANS 10049 (Pre-Requisite Programmes),
    • ISO T/S 22002-X (Pre-Requisite Programmes on Food Safety for Food Manufacturing),
    • R607 (Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises, the Transport of Food and Related Matters),
    • ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any Organization in the Food Chain) and
    • FSSC 22000 (Food Safety Systems Certification; a GFSI bench-marked scheme);
    • Microbiological Criteria
  • Food Safety Management Systems: Implementation of all the above-mentioned Standards and Schemes;
  • Food Safety Management Systems: Gap Analyses to above-mentioned standards;
  • Food Microbiology and Foodborne Pathogen Technical Training;
  • Technical Advice and Troubleshooting;
  • Development of Microbiological Criteria and Microbiological Specifications;
  • Regulatory compliance;
  • Development of Food Safety Policies;
  • Microbiological Risk Assessments;
  • Internal Food Safety Audits;
  • Pre-Certification Audit Assessments;
  • Project Management;
  • Verbal and Written Responses for Media, Consumers and Legal Teams;
  • Representations of Companies at Technical Meetings.

We will be happy to discuss any other related matters not included above with potential clients. 

Our excellent pricing structures, meticulous work, attention to detail and particular attention describe our competitive edge. We have an excellent track record and are well respected in the industry.